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Stem Cells Knee Therapy

Stem Cell Knee therapy help the body repair damaged tissue of the minuscus, a cartilage pad that sits between the main bones of the knee and acts as a shock absorber. The Stem Cell are harvested from the bone marrow or Adipose tissue of healthy adult volunteers, then isolated and prepared for insertion into the knee.

The unique stem cell properties:

  • Capable of dividing and renewing themselves
  • Unspecialized
  • Can give rise to specialized cell types

With the help of Lipokit and Med Stem, we can isolate adult mesenchymal stem cells from our adipose tissue. With this procedure, we can achieve:

  • Body contouring
  • Enough adult mesenchymal stem cells for cell-based therapy without the need of stem celss culture, i.e. single procedure
  • Storage of stem celss for future usage

The services we are providing:

  • Enhance the result of autologus fat breast augmentation
  • Face rejuvenation, meso techique
  • Intra-articular injection for cartilage regeneration to treat osteoarthritis, especially knee osteoarthritis and cartilage defect

A single injection of Mesoblast's proprietary allogeneic, or "off-the-shelf", adult stem cells into arthritic knees of post-menopausal ewes with well established osteoarthritis, three months after initial joint damage, resulted in sustained, progressive regeneration and regrowth of knee cartilage for at least six months.

Consult our doctor or nurse if you have any question or concerns about Stem Cells Knee Therapy.