ROSA Robotic System

Improve precision during surgery and helps with complex pre-surgical planning.

What Is ROSA Robotic System?

Dr KO Medical Centre is proud to be the first to bring ROSA robotic system for Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Surgery in Malaysia.

This advanced technology does not only improve precision during surgery, but it also helps with complex pre-surgical planning which involves 3D visualization of the anatomy. The visualization will replicate the actual anatomy of the knee to create a predefined space for the surgeon to work in. This allows surgeon to fine tune the surgery precision and hence enhancing its outcome.

Benefit of ROSA Robotic System?

Having robot-assisted TKR surgery also provides the following benefits:
  • Surgery outcome that has greater range of movement & improved dexterity.
  • Improved accuracy & precision during TKR surgery
  • Minimal exposure to the radiation as the system.
  • allows 3D replication of the patient’s anatomy.
  • Faster recovery which leads to shorter hospital stay.
Find out if this TKR robotic surgery is for you. Make an appointment & discuss with our surgeon on the benefits & risks of undergoing TKR surgery at Ko Medical Centre, Total Hip and Knee Surgery Centre.
Low Risk

Our experienced surgeon and team always ensure optimal surgical condition for every surgery to deliver lowest risk possible to our patients.

Fast Recovery

Optimal pre-surgical care, sharpened surgical precision and high standard post surgery care ensure fast recovery.

Periodic Checkup

Regular post-op follow-up ensure our patients get long-term satisfaction from our surgery.

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