Orthopaedic Consultation

Get a physical examination and consultation with our orthopaedic surgeon.

What Is Orthopaedic Consultation?

When you suffer from orthopaedic related pain or injury, it is always recommended for you to get a physical examination and consultation with our orthopaedic surgeon. During consultation, the surgeon would understand more about your problem. He will then perform a clinical examination to assess your condition.

X-ray imaging may be needed after clinical examination to determine the extent of your problem. After a detailed examination, our surgeon will suggest a personalized treatment for your problem. At Ko Specialist Medical Centre, Total Hip and Knee Surgery Centre, we believe in personalized treatment according to each individual patient to better improve our patient’s quality of life and confidence.

Services Offered

Orthopaedic surgical consultation and treatment
Our orthopaedic surgeons will meet with patients to discuss the condition and associated surgical options.
Our practitioners provide and facilitate both image guided and non-image guided injections.
What preparation do I need to do for my consultation/appointment?

Confirm Your Appointment: Most physician appointments at Dr Ko Orthopaedic are booked via email. Patients receive an email approximately four weeks prior to the scheduled appointment time with the appointment details (including date, time, and the physician). Upon receiving the email/appointment notification, patients must confirm the appointment within 48 hours, or the appointment will be cancelled. Confirmation can be done through our online secure portal (via the link in the appointment email) or by calling our Centre: +6016-3384 987.


KIn Take Forms: Please complete the medical intake questionnaires that were emailed to you through our online portal. If you do not have an email address or would prefer to complete the forms in the office prior to your appointment, please arrive 45 minutes early and notify the front desk upon your arrival.


X-rays: If x-rays are required for your appointment, you will receive an email with the requisition attached. Please reference the email for directions on where to go to have the x-rays completed. X-rays are generally completed on a walk-in basis. Please print and take the requisition with you to the x-ray facility to have imaging completed within the week leading up to your appointment.


Proper Attire: Please arrive prepared for your visit with the physician. If you are being seen for your knee or hip, we ask that you bring or wear shorts to your appointment. If you are being assessed for your shoulder, please bring a tank top.

What can I expect during my consultation with the physician?

During your consultation, the physician may review relevant medical history and imaging, examine the area that is bothering you and provide recommendations regarding care and treatment.


To enhance patient care, Dr Ko Orthopaedic brings together an experienced multi-disciplinary team. During an appointment, patients may consult with a number of specialist including: orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, primay care orthopaedic specialists, sports medicine physicians, pedorthist, brace fitters, patient care coordinators, medical students etc.


The Dr Ko Orthopaedic team will collaborate to ensure that an appropriate plan is put in place for patient’s ongoing care. This may include consenting for surgery, recommendations for conservative treatment, further investigations, or a referral to a different type of specialist. More information regarding the services offered at Dr Ko Orthopaedic can be found here.

Low Risk

Our experienced surgeon and team always ensure optimal surgical condition for every surgery to deliver lowest risk possible to our patients.

Fast Recovery

Optimal pre-surgical care, sharpened surgical precision and high standard post surgery care ensure fast recovery.

Periodic Checkup

Regular post-op follow-up ensure our patients get long-term satisfaction from our surgery.

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